sexta-feira, dezembro 31

Happy New Year!!

"Reveillon" is a french word that held the New Year meaning. But if you'd have the curiosity of knowing a little bit more about it, you'll find that the radical of the "Reveillon" word means actually "reveil" which means "wake up".
As the meaning says, and also with the tradition I guess we should listen to this wake-up-calling and get awake from our doubts, fears, the unjoinable feelings. Its time to let all behind, the older doesn't fit anymore at this promissory future. I am willing to do a 2011 resolution with moew purpose, without backwards feelings, when its time for thinking ahead, forwards thoughts. Your life, your world, will get no better if you just let it go.
So I truly wish that you could be able to hear the "reveil" inside your soul and attend this calling, let your body be guide by your inner wishes and don't be afraid of it. Find the right motivations and the best reasons to keep on. Life is not about what you did, its about what you are doing now to improve yourself.
Sometimes we mess up with the ones we love, but it doesn't mean that we are intending to hurt them or we don't want to see them well. I understand that getting upset means that you care, so if I made you feel bad I am sorry, and even if you don't want to forgive me or forgive someone who have hurt you at someway. I've learned that keeping bad feelings isn't good for your health; don't keep the anger inside you. So, before you feel like giving up, stop and think of the reason why you held on for so long!
Let the past behind and wake up for the new possibilities and opportunities in front of you stuck at this 2011 just waiting for you. Give yourself a chance, take more risks, don't look back, forgive more and be happy!
Those are my sincerely wishes for your new year!
Love you all!!!
Xox Liboe

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  1. Never meu amor!!! Toviajando, trazendo vaaaaarias novidades pras minhas leitoras queridas! Amo vcs girls e jaja estamos de volta a rotina!! Mts bjs